2021 California Science Education Conference

2016 Exhibitors



Thank you to the following exhibitors for their support of and participation in the 2016 California Science Education Conference:

3D Molecular Designs
Our innovative, hands-on kits focus on STEM and NGSS crosscutting concepts in biology, chemistry, physical and life sciences. See our teacher-tested Flow of Genetic Information and Phospholipid and Membrane Transport Kits.

Accelerate Learning STEMscopes
Accelerate Learning in conjunction with Rice University is the creator of STEMscopes CA-NGSS, a 5E+IA STEM curriculum built from the ground up to the California NGSS.

Activate Learning
We produce K-8 science curricula for the next generation of students by integrating reading, writing, talking, and "doing" science in every lesson. We incorporate interactive digital technology to dramatically enhance science learning.

AcuVise Retirement Strategies
Accurate Advise, no charge, extensive consultations to research your STRS/PERS, 403B and Roth accounts. Also options to create "Tax-Free" retirement income.

Aidmics Biotechnology
Aidmics created uHandy, a bioscience tool for children which transforms mobile devices into a professional microscope. uHandy helps children to experience the power of "seeing the unseen."

Alaska Raptor Center
The Alaska Raptor Center's mission is to rehabilitate and release injured bald eagles and other birds of prey back into the wild and to educate the public about raptors and Alaska.

Amplify Science
Amplify Science is a revolutionary K-8 science curriculum that invites students to inhabit the role of a scientist or engineering professional in order to explore scientific phenomena through a variety of real-world problems.

Anatomy in Clay® Learning System
Teach your students anatomy with hands-on Anatomy in Clay® Learning System. Building body systems on our specially-designed models improves students' understanding and knowledge retention.

Arbor Scientific
For nearly 30 years, Arbor Scientific has worked with teachers to develop educational science supplies, instruments, and lab equipment that makes learning fun for students.

Ardusat creates hands-on STEM experiences for the classroom. By providing open curriculum resources mapped to standards, an Experiment Hub for students to build experiments and share their findings, Ardusat is the complete STEM program.

Retirement Planning, Products, and Advice

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
From DNA extraction techniques to sequencing a gene and protein analysis, Bio-Rad synergistically brings about change in science learning and provides educators with research quality kits, equipment, reagents and curricula.

BIOZONE International
See BIOZONE’s award-winning instructional materials for grades 9-12 biology (NGSS, AP, IB), A & P, earth and space science, environmental science. Our unique 3-in-1 products: textbook lite/activities/study guide, are available in print or digital format.

BirdBrain Science
BirdBrain = Literacy + Science. We serve NGSS aligned articles at 7 different reading levels. We diagnose student reading levels, serve the same content to all students at their independent reading level, and adapt the level they receive as they improve.

CA Assoc. for Environmental Outdoor Education (AEOE)
The California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education supports and inspires educators in their quest for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to help all learners understand, appreciate and care for their environment. As an integral part of achieving our mission, we encourage direct experience outdoors.

California Coastal Commission
The California Coastal Commission's Public Education Program works to increase public knowledge of coastal and marine resources and to engage the public in coastal protection and restoration activities.

California Department of Education
The California Department of Education staff will have information and answer questions regarding programs to assist and highlight K-12 teachers in California. Come learn about STEM, environmental education, mathematics, science, the PAEMST, and more.

CA Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth throughout California about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives.

California Geological Survey
CGS is the primary source of information and maps on California geology, earthquakes, and mineral resources. Stop by and chat with our geologists and pick up free maps and posters.

California Institute for Biodiversity (CIB)
CIB's mission is to invigorate K-12 science teaching by providing educators with the power of field-based, hands-on, three dimensional learning through our CA-NGSS aligned, scientifically rigorous professional development programming.

California State University, Long Beach Science Education Department
Provides professional development and coursework for pre-service and in-service science teachers, as well as informal science educators.

Carolina Biological Supply Co.
For 80+ years, Carolina has been a family-owned company founded by Dr. Powell, a devoted science professor at Elon University in North Carolina who recognized students learn best by "doing." More than 25 years ago, Carolina entered into a partnership with the Smithsonian Science Education Center to create and publish instructional units that have been integrated into school district curriculum documents to provide "active learning and instruction" in science and STEM educations.

The Coastal Institute at Camp Ocean Pines
The Coastal Institute at Camp Ocean Pines provides three, four, and five day residential outdoor education programs for 4th through 12th grade students from public and private schools.

Cogent Education IS3D, LLC
Cogent Education offers Interactive Case Study software where students explore a career in science, interact with the molecular world, and solve real-world problems. Designed by scientists and proven to help students learn difficult biological concepts.

Delta Education
With over 30 years of experience, Delta has been providing the best tools for helping students learn, including our inquiry-based kits, and hands-on classroom resources. Now offering FOSS Next Generation Edition program.

Dinah.com is the educational publishing and consulting company owned by author/speaker Dinah Zike. Dinah is known for her 3-D interactive graphic organizers (Foldables). Materials are available from grades PK-12 in all subjects.

Discovery Education
Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between.

Donate Life California
Donate Life California is the nonprofit organ and tissue donor registry dedicated to inspiring people to sign up as organ donors. Our free Educator Resource Guide, DVD and classroom speakers provide the facts and science behind organ and tissue donation.

Earthwatch Institute
Earthwatch Institute enables students and educators to volunteer alongside renowned environmental scientists while making a real contribution to their research, resulting in lifelong transformation by engaging them with real environmental conservation.

EAT Foundation
2 unit workshop you will never forget! Many resources and lesson plans for you, your classroom and garden. Tours, hands-on experiences and speakers make this fun for you and your colleagues! Email or call for details!! We can't wait to hear from you!

Educational Innovations, Inc.
Educational Innovations, Inc., teacher owned and operated! Committed to bringing you SUPER, WOW, NEAT! science supplies! We Make Science Sizzle

Educurious provides blended project-based courses that engage students in developing solutions to real-world challenges. Our blended learning approach leverages an online platform to deliver curriculum and provide a space for collaboration.

Edvotek manufactures research-grade biotechnology experiments, biologics, reagents, and equipment for high schools and colleges. Experiments include DNA fingerprinting, forensics, PCR, molecular cloning, immunology, environmental science, and AP Biology.

Engineering is Elementary Museum of Science
Engineering is Elementary® offers constructivist, project-based STEM curriculum for grades 1 – 5. Choose from 20 units that are flexible, research based, teacher tested, and aligned with NGSS. Used in all 50 states!

ETA hand2mind
Proven hands-on solutions for grades PreK-12, with educational and supplemental materials that enrich teaching and engage students in math, science, and reading.

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute (TI) has been the professional development home for middle school and high school math and science teachers since 1984.

ExploreLearning Gizmos are interactive online simulations that drive conceptual understanding in Math and Science for students in grades 3-12. Complete with inquiry lessons, assessment and reporting!

Fisher Science Education
Fisher Science Education, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is excited to support STEM education in California. As the world leader in serving science, we offer hands on classroom and laboratory equipment that will engage teachers and students.

Flinn Scientific, Inc.
Flinn Scientific is the leader in science and laboratory chemical safety. Flinn develops and offers a full line of chemistry, biology, physics, life science, Earth science, physical science, and safety products for middle and high schools.

FLIR Systems
FLIR thermal imaging cameras give STEM students the opportunity to learn about heat and temperature in an interactive and engaging way. See firsthand how FLIR's cameras offer a vehicle for discovering at booth 322.

Foresters Financial
Foresters Financial, Inc. provides everyday families and individuals with financial solutions guidance, and tools, to meet their needs across all life stages.

Frey Scientific/CPO Science
Frey Scientific/CPO Science provide high-quality inquiry-based teaching and learning systems for science grades 6-12 as well as lab equipment, supplies, and technology products for science classrooms and labs.

Handmade science gifts for yourself or your favorite science fanatic! We have a unique selection of periodic table of elements and solar system related items including baby clothes, jewelry, t-shirts, pillows, periodic table books, and much more!

Gold Coast Science Network
Gold Coast Science Network (GCSN) is a local chapter of the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) serving Ventura County and its Central California neighbors Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo, Los Angeles, and Kern.

Grand Canyon University
Founded in 1949, Grand Canyon University is a private, Christian university that offers more than 190 academic programs and more than 150 bachelors, masters and doctoral online degrees.

Heal the Bay's Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
The mission of Heal the Bay's Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is to inspire understanding and conservation of Southern California coastal waters, watersheds and marine life through science education, interaction and discovery.

HHMI BioInteractive
HHMI 's BioInteractive team develops free resources based on real data, highlighting research practices. These multimedia resources are developed, vetted, and field -tested by educators and scientists - and are all tied to national curriculum standards.

Horizon Globe
The Horizon Globe is a new device for learning astronomy. It shows students how the sky seems to move from their perspective. Concepts such as seasons, moon cycle, planets, stars and constellations become unforgettable in no time. www.horizonglobe.us

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
HMH inspires curiosity by offering integrated, comprehensive and innovative educational solutions with more personalization and flexibility than ever before. We've revolutionized learning with new Common Core State Standards in new, dynamic environments

iDESIGN Solutions
iDESIGN provides technology products for STEAM education, including 2D & 3D design software, VEX Robotics Classroom Kits & Parts, 3D Printers, Horizon Educational Renewable Energy, RobotC programming software, and teacher training.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving
The STEM education programs at iFLY uses iFLY's unique vertical wind tunnel facility to make STEM exciting, relevant, and accessible to all. Our curriculum has been designed by teachers and STEM professionals to support STEM learning in your classroom.

Impact Science Education, Inc.
Need middle school NGSS curriculum right now? We are creating such a program, blending science and engineering into ready-made lesson plans that you can use every day. Our units can be used with either sequence: integrated or discipline-specific.

It's About Time
The global leader in research-based STEM curricula for 6-12 and college students. Modeled on the way practicing scientists and engineers work, we provide educators tools to create meaningful learning environments.

Knott's Berry Farm
Physics Days at Knott 's Berry Farm! Whether it is hands-on activities or live demonstrations. Also, future engineers can showcase their skills in building a roller coaster (at home/school). Workshops and activities conducted by Physics Teachers.

KQED Public Broadcasting
KQED 's team of science educators and producers bring you engaging, relevant science and engineering resources for educators, students and lifelong learners.

Since 1963, our LAB-AIDS kits and modules have been helping science teachers to prepare a more meaningful "hands-on" experience in the classroom.

LEGO Education
LEGO® Education combines the unique excitement of LEGO bricks with hands-on classroom solutions for science, technology, engineering, math, and literacy. Learn how our products can bring innovation to your classroom.

Long Beach Marine Institute
Long Beach Marine Institute provides hands on educational programs aboard our research vessel Challenger in the areas of marine science and other sciences. We also conduct 1 day and 3-5 day programs on Catalina Island.

Los Angeles Maritime Institute
LAMI offers experiences at sea to provide an array of social, educational, and leadership development opportunities. TopSail Youth Program changes lives through a highly interactive educational program at-sea aboard our twin brigantines.

MADE - Ecos
Ecos is a free, NSF funded STEM content platform that includes teacher evaluations and alignment to NGSS and CCSS. CSTA teachers can check out the resulting innovation, results from national pilots and take home 1000s of free NGSS aligned STEM content.

Project-based integrations of Earth, Life, and Physical Science along with Engineering practice based on Next Generation Science Standards.

The Markerboard People
Student dry erase markerboards and response boards in class sets. Unbeatable prices! Single- and double-sided available. Perfect for graphing, handwriting, math, science and more. Long-lasting, non-toxic, ultra-low odor markers too!

McGraw-Hill Education
McGraw Hill Education is a leading global provider of education materials, information and solutions for the Pre-K through 12th grade, Assessment & instructions, Higher Education and Professional markets. Learn more at mhecalifornia.com

Measured Progress
Measured Progress, a not-for-profit organization, is a pioneer in authentic, standards-based assessments. We connect the K–12 educational community with innovative and flexible assessment solutions.

MEL Science
MEL Chemistry is US certified educational kit to help kids study chemistry at home with parents. It includes all the necessary equipment and reagent to make chemical experiments at home.

Mentoring Minds
As an educational content creator and K–12 publisher of print-and-digital resources, Mentoring Minds strives to be a partner in the classroom, empowering educators to create critical thinkers and motivating students to master the standards.

M Folz
The world's most wonderful science and math t-shirts.

The MiniOne Electrophoresis
The MiniOne electrophoresis system gives research-quality DNA separation in 20 minutes. Cast a gel, separate DNA bands, and document results in one class period. The MiniOne makes hands-on inquiry-based science education affordable for all schools.

Mission Springs Outdoor Education
Mission Springs Outdoor Education (MSOE) Located near Santa Cruz, CA. MSOE utilizes hands-on science and team-building activities to foster positive student relationships and promote good stewardship of the environment. Come meet us in the Exhibit Hall!

Monsanto Company
Monsanto is an agriculture company focused on making a balanced meal accessible to everyone. We work to help farmers produce food in a sustainable way, thinking holistically about how food is grown so farmers have the tools needed for better harvests.

MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling (CBM)
As a biomolecular materials development laboratory, we create student-centered, hands-on kits. Through our PD programs, teachers focus on active learning and help develop/test new kits. Ask about our protein modeling programs.

MudWatt is an award-winning, NGSS-aligned STEM kit that enables students to produce clean energy from mud, using microbes! The kit blends microbiology, clean energy, chemistry, and electronics into a one-of-a-kind experience that your students will love!

Nasco Educational Supplies
Nasco has over 21 different catalogs offering over 96,000 unique items to meet the needs of teachers in 14 different educational subject areas, farmers and ranchers, and industry. In addition to serving customers in all 50 states.

National Energy Education Development Project
The NEED Project provides free energy education resources to schools and teachers, including K-12 curriculum on energy sources, conservation, and more, as well as professional development around the country.

National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning
National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning provides PreK-12, Academic, and Adult Education solutions for reading, science, social studies, mathematics, ESL/ELD, Advanced, Honors & Electives, Career and Technical Education, and Professional Development.

National Science Teachers Association
Visit our booth to learn more about the 2017 NSTA National Conference on Science Education in Los Angeles, CA, March 30-April 2, 2017, our award-winning publications, membership & more!

NatureBridge provides environmental science education programs for grades K-12 in the world's best classrooms –– our national parks. NatureBridge offers programs in: Yosemite, Golden Gate, Olympic, Santa Monica Mountains, and Prince William Forest.

Nevada State Science Teachers Association
Dedicated to increasing and improving science education in Nevada and the West.

Newport Landing Whale Watching
During the three hour whale watching cruise, 7th - 12th grade students use underwater fish cameras, microscopes to identify plankton, and water quality equipment to help park managers and scientists monitor Crystal Cove's Underwater Park.

Ocean Institute
The Ocean Institute, founded in 1977, is a community-based 501(c)(3) organization that educates students through over 50 marine science, environmental education, and maritime history programs.

oddWires provides a large range of technology and support for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. We specialize in great value educational kits. From robotics through general electronics, oddWires has great prices. And we accept purchase orders!

Pali Institute
Pali Institute offers a customizable outdoor education program for grades 4 - 12 and is the only outdoor education program accredited by the Association for Experiential Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

PASCO Scientific
PASCO Scientific helps students “think science" with its award-winning, state-of-the-art science learning environment that integrates the latest standards-based content, probeware, and data collection and analysis.

Paton Group
Paton Group is a technology reseller serving institutions in CA, NV & HI. Products include CAD/CAM Software, CNC mills, laser engravers, robotics, reverse engineering/CMM and 3D printers. We offer curriculum and certification options with all products.

Come join us at the Pearson Booth to see Project STEM and STEM Quest materials to move your students to the NGSS. These Hands on interactive activities are 4-8 week long projects that will enhance your current Science materials.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world. Teach Kind is PETA 's humane -education Division.

Phantom Projects Theatre Group
Jargie the Science Girl is a live, interactive, science education show that is based on the NGSS and travels to elementary schools; produced by Phantom Projects Theatre Group.

PlayMada Games
PlayMada Games is on a mission to bring game-based learning experiences into high school science classrooms. Our digital games give students a deepened understanding of fundamental scientific concepts while exploring systems of science through play.

Project Learning Tree
Project Learning Tree celebrates it 's 40th year!! In 1976, Rudy Schafer, founder of the Western Regional Environmental Education Council and Project Learning Tree, started with a simple idea- teach young people "how to think, not what to think."

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)
Project WET is a world leader in developing interdisciplinary, hands-on activities to integrate knowledge of water resources and issues into K-12 classrooms, using simulations and critical thinking skills at the core of Next Generation Science Standards.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we take STEM to uncharted levels. By offering high quality robotics hardware software & curriculum for young learners, we are changing the face of STEM innovation forever! Join the Robotics Revolution with ROBOTERRA!

Scholastic Expeditions
Scholastic Expeditions offers STEM experiential programs that amplify classroom learning. SE 's mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists, advocates and innovators. By teaching through travel, we hope to create better global citizens.

School Technology Resources
STR specializes in hand-held microscope cameras. Just touch the microscope camera to an object and display the magnified image. These microscope cameras are easy and fun to use, and very engaging for all ages.

Science Buddies
Science Buddies is an award winning, non-profit organization best known for its 15,000-page website that empowers K-12 students, teachers, and parents to easily find FREE project ideas and help in all areas of science, from astronomy to zoology.

Scientific Minds, LLC
Scientific Minds is a teacher-built company that provides online teaching tools and PD for grades 3-12 science. Scientific Minds' research-based tools and strategies are teacher-friendly and support NGSS instruction.

Shape of Life
Shape of Life provides FREE short classroom videos depicting the evolution of the animal kingdom on planet earth. The NGSS aligned videos focus on diversity, biodiversity, adaptability, body structure, design, behaviors, and scientists.

Society for Science & the Public
Society for Science & the Public (Society) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education. To inform, educate, and inspire.

Southland Instruments, Inc.
Southland Instruments, Inc. will be featuring the “Digital Classroom” via WiFi or USB connection to local school network. Using state-of-the-art camera and tablet combination to provide student viewing on their tablets, computers, or smart phones. Digital microscopes and digital cameras will be on display.

Speak Easies
Speak Easies' hands-on kits engage students, make learning easy. Imagine students assembling a cell membrane or body system or enacting cellular respiration. Improved comprehension and retention. NGSS aligned.

STAR Program
STAR offers paid summer research experience to aspiring STEM teachers. Our participants are aspiring teachers from California State University (CSU) and/or the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program. For more information visit www.StarTeacherResearcher.org.

Sweetwater Union High School District
Founded in 1920, the Sweetwater District has grown to more than 42,000 students in grades 7 through 12 and more than 32,000 adult learners. The district's 32 campuses are located in the cities of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City and San Diego, including the communities of Bonita, Eastlake, Otay Mesa, San Ysidro and South San Diego.

TCI is a K-12 publishing company that provides science and social studies textbooks. Teachers can have all the resources they need to create engaging and interactive experiences that meet both the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Texas Instruments, Inc.
TI provides free classroom activities that enhance STEM curricula, technology that encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of concepts, and professional development that maximizes your investment in TI technology. Visit education.ti.com.

The mission of the TheLab is to make science accessible to people of all ages and educational backgrounds. We do this by providing laboratory equipment and workspace, resources which are typically out of the reach of those unaffiliated with a lab.

TPS Publishing, Inc.
TPS, a California State adopted Math provider, with partner CeMaST, presents TK - G12 NGSS STEAM program including 2 YRS P.D. Program includes STEM and Arts inclusive projects. Come and see our motorbike and STEM author, and get a 10% discount. Teacher and Parent Workshops Provided.

UC Davis Young Scholars Program
The UC Davis - Young Scholars Program provides a six week, summer residential, research program for high achieving and high potential high school rising juniors and rising seniors in the natural sciences and engineering.

Vernier Software & Technology
Focused on STEM, Vernier creates easy-to-use science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software. Vernier's technology-based solutions enhance STEM education, increase learning, and build students' critical thinking skills.

Ward's Science
All you need to turn science lessons into science connections. Ward's Science is your complete solution for materials and support for every science subject.

Western Science Center
Western Science Center is Riverside County's largest natural history museum and repository, and is home to thousands of archaeological artifacts and Pleistocene fossils that were unearthed at Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, CA.


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