Shipping, Freight, and Material Handling


For additional information about exhibiting at the 2019 California Science Education Conference, a receipt, accounts payable, or other accounting questions, please contact:

Beth Bettencourt
Conference Director
California Science Teachers Association
950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630
916-979-7004 |

For questions regarding hotel reservations or reserving a block of rooms for your exhibit staff, please contact:

Greg Wuerfel
Conference Housing
On-line reservations

To obtain specific information about fire code requirements relevant to the Pasadena Convention Center, please contact the Beth Bettencourt.


Service Kit

Lead Capture/Lead Retrieval Order Form


Detailed shipping instructions will be included in the Service Kit provided by GES. Do not ship any exhibit items to CSTA. In addition to standard material handling options, the 2018 conference will offer cartload service for exhibitors. This service will include freight received at the loading dock up to 200lbs. maximum that can fit safely on a four (4) wheel cart and delivered to the exhibitor's booth for a flat rate. Shipment must be delivered by privately owned vehicle (POV). Any shipment delivered by commercial carriers, pickup trucks, vans and all other vehicles are considered material handling under Union rules. There is one cartload allowed per booth. Pricing and complete details and restrictions for this service will be available in the Service Kit.


All work involved in the loading and unloading of all trucks, trailers, and common and contract carriers, as well as the handling of empty crates and the operation of material handling equipment, is under union jurisdiction. The union also has the jurisdiction of the unloading, uncrating, unskidding, leveling, painting, and assembly of machinery and equipment, as well as the reverse process. Full-time employees of exhibiting companies may ‘hand carry’ material provided they do not use material handling equipment, and it is limited to what one person in one trip is able to carry per booth. When exhibitors do choose to ‘hand carry’ material, they may not be permitted access to the loading dock/freight door areas. GES will not be responsible for any material we do not handle.

More information on union labor and jursidiction can be found on the Service Contractor page.


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