2021 California Science Education Conference

Focus Speakers

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Focus speakers are highly regarded scientists and education experts who present 90-minute, in-depth sessions on subjects relevant to science teaching. The focus speaker series allows you to expand your understanding in a wide range of critical topics.

Focus Speaker #1

Making Computer Science and Science Count in the Digital Age: Issues of Equity and Access

Emmanuel Onyeador and Dr. Glen Augustine , Oakland Technical High School

Please join our Focus Speakers as they share effective practices supporting high school students' access to rigorous science and computer science courses. They will focus on creating a safe and caring environment where all students participate, presenting student-driven and engaging lessons relevant to students' lives or interests, and integrating computers and computational thinking to enhance lessons, improving access to learning for all students.

Focus Speaker #2

Building the Universe Inside a (simulation) Box

Laura Sales, University of California, Riverside Physics Department

Numerical simulations are a powerful tool to study the evolution of non-linear systems. In this talk Laura will review how modern computer simulations are used to learn about the formation of galaxies in the universe. The computational algorithms, optimized to run in supercomputer clusters with hundreds to thousands of processors in parallel, allow us to evolve the main ingredients of galaxies: dark matter, stars and gas from the time of the Big Bang until the present. Laura will show examples of state-of-the-art simulations that have revolutionized the way in which we understand our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and nearby galaxies in our cosmic backyard.


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