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Want to dig deeper? Excited to learn from seasoned experts in the field? Wish you could have a guaranteed seat in the room? Do you enjoy a smaller session with more presenter interaction? Then conference short courses are calling your name!

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CSTA is proud to present an amazing lineup of short courses for this year's conference. These short courses are designed to help you dig deeper into NGSS, engineering design, and more. Each short course's duration is three to six hours, giving you the chance to really interact and make sense of the material.

Short courses are ticketed events, guaranteeing you a seat in the room and relevant hand-outs. You will have hands-on experiences that are designed to help you envision relevant to use in your classroom. Many short courses will also provide you with sample materials that are ready for use. Be sure to sign up for these soon—we expect these short courses will sell out fast this year!

If you are in need of support by your district, you can remind your administrator that the District's Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Priority #2 supports the implementation of the state's academic standards. CSTA's Conference on Science Education will provide you with short courses that will help you with this. All short courses support the California Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the California Common Core State Standards, or both. The short course descriptions below include the following information:

  • title and brief description
  • ticket price
  • grade level that the course is best suited for
  • the science that is the focus of the presentation
  • the emphasis (up to three) of the course
  • the name of the lead presenter and their affiliation

Friday, October 18 - 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

SC04: Effectively Mentoring Novice Science Teachers around NGSS
Grade 6-12 science teachers and coaches will gain knowledge and access tools to help mentor preservice and/or early career teachers in noticing, understanding, approximating, and reflecting on core teaching practices that promote NGSS and an equitable classroom learning environment. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to participate together.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: 6-12
  • Science & Emphasis: TOSA/Science Coach, Preservice Teacher Education/TPAs, Applicable to All Sciences
  • Presenters: Annette Bustamante, Science Teacher, Santa Rosa City Schools and Edward Lyon, Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University

SC05: All Standards, All Students: Equity in the Science Classroom
The CA Science Framework emphasizes access and equity via #allstandardsallstudents with the Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will 1) analyze current systems of inequity in schools, 2) reflect on implicit bias that affects student outcomes and 3) learn key instructional strategies for every student, including our most vulnerable student populations.

  • Tickets: $15
  • Grade Level: Not Grade Level Specific
  • Science & Emphasis: Environmental Science, Applicable to All Sciences, Integrated Science, Leadership, Pedagogy, EL/ELD
  • Presenters: Leena Bakshi, Executive Director, STEM 4 Real and Rosanna Ayers, Science/STEM Coordinator, Merced County Office of Education

SC06: ELD Fundamentals: Guiding Principles and Effective Instructional Strategies for ELLs
Language and content are best learned through authentic communication. Join us for a 3-dimensional experience in science learning and language development that models guiding principles and strategies for integrated and designated ELD in science. Receive tools for developing science/ELD lessons and supporting student engagement in the Science and Engineering Practices.

  • Tickets: $20
  • Grade Level: 3-12
  • Science & Emphasis: Physical Science, Physics, EL/ELD, Pedagogy, CCSS-Literacy
  • Presenter: Diana Valez, Science Professional and Leadership Developer, Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley and Claudio Vargas, Educational Consultant, Sci-Lingual: Science Language Learning Consulting

SC07: Increase Literacy and Engagement with Interactive Notebooking 101
We invite you to come and learn the mechanics of how to successfully implement Notebooking into your current teaching practices. You will see interactive notebooking modeled not only as an instructional and organizational strategy, but also implemented as a class wide system that allows teachers to create meaningful learning experiences.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: 7-12
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Life Science/Biology, Physics, Assessment, Classroom Management/Engagement, CCSS-Literacy, CCCs, DCIs, EL/ELD, Leadership, Pedagogy, Preservice Teacher Education/TPAs, SEPs, TOSA/Science Coach
  • Presenters: Tamara Alt, Biology Teacher, Apple Valley USD and Tyler Haglund, Physics Teacher, Apple Valley USD

SC08: Just Do It!: Learnings from the NGSS Early Implementation Initiative
Learning your NGSS colors? transitioning to phenomena-based 3-dimensional learning, moving to full implementation? Engage with district leaders from the Early Implementation Initiative about successes and challenges of implementation. Learn system leverage points and other tools/process for your NGSS implementation role as teacher leader, administrator, or professional learning provider.

  • Tickets: $30
  • Grade Level: Not Grade Level Specific
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Leadership, TOSA/Science Coach
  • Presenters: Kathy DiRanna, Statewide Director, K-12 Alliance @ WestEd and Brad Schleder, Project Director, Kings Canyon USD

SC22: Science Talk Bootcamp
Your phenomenon is engaging, your lab is hands-on, but when you say "turn and talk" students go silent, or chat about anything but science. Join us to explore the foundations of a positive classroom climate for science talk, and walk away with several talk strategies you can use next week.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: All Grades (Not Grade Level Specific)
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Integrated Science, Physical Science,
  • Presenters: Amelia Rosenman and Shumit DasGupta, Senior Associate, Teacher Professional Development, California Academy of Sciences

Saturday, October 19 - 8:30 am - 11:30 am

SC15: SFUSD HS Science: NGSS-Aligned Curriculum Development and Implementation
SFUSD (a large urban district) has developed and implemented a 3 year, ESS embedded HS science curriculum. We will review our development process, allow time for participants to review and experience pieces of the curriculum and discuss our professional development and implementation of the curriculum district-wide.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: High School 3-Course Model
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Leadership, TOSA/Science Coach, Pedagogy
  • Presenters: Dawn Reeg, High School Science TSA, San Francisco Unified School District and David Barrios, High School Science TSA, San Francisco UnifiedSchool District

SC16: Putting it in Order: NGSS-Aligned Instructional Sequences for Teacher Leaders
Join the Exploratorium Teacher Institute as we use tools to develop an instructional sequence and engage in activities around how materials move in and out of cells. We'll support you in building structures to do this work with teachers. This workshop is designed for teacher leaders, TOSAs and instructional coaches.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: All Grades (Not Grade Level Specific)
  • Science & Emphasis: Life Science/Biology, Applicable to All Sciences, Leadership, Pedagogy, SEPs, DCIs, CCCs
  • Presenter: Tammy Cook-Endres, Co-Director Exploratorium Teacher Institute Leadership Program, Exploratorium and Zeke Kossover, Co-Director Exploratorium Teacher Institute Leadership Program, Exploratorium

SC17: The Secret to Being Phenomenal in K-5
Phenomena play a critical role in engaging our students and anchoring their science learning experiences, but how do we know we've chosen a good one? Explore K-5 grade specific phenomena with us, while learning about the different ways to use phenomena and how to plan instruction around them.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: Prek-5
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Classroom Management/Engagement, Pedagogy
  • Presenters: Marie Lam deKrieger, Teacher in Residence, California Science Teachers and Kathy Muniz, Director of Professional Development, California Science Center

Saturday, October 19 - 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Shift Happens! Are you ready to purchase high quality instructional materials aligned to the shifts in the CA NGSS? Learn how to use the CA NGSS TIME tools and processes to make an evidence-based and informed decision about instructional materials for all students (grades k-12) in your district.

  • Tickets: $30
  • Grade Level: Not Grade Level Specific
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Science, Leadership, SEPs, DCIs, CCCs, EP&Cs/Environmental Literacy
  • Presenters: Jo Topps, Regional Director, K-12 Alliance @ WestEd and Maria Simani, Director, California Science Project

Saturday, October 19 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

SC21: De-coding real-world problems
Get real! Experience a computer science lesson based on a real-world problem that turns coding practice into engineering power. Walk away with lesson resources developed by educators in partnership with San Jose State University and The Tech Museum of Innovation. Participants will require the use of their own device during this course.

  • Tickets: $10
  • Grade Level: 3-8
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Engineering, Integrated Science, Computer Science in Science, SEPs, Technology Integration
  • Presenters: Esmeralda Tovar, Professional Development Specialist, The Tech Museum of Innovation and Sara Koepnicj, Teacher, Morgan Hill Unified School District

SC23: Tools to Develop 3D Classroom Summative Assessments
Do you want to learn how to develop NGSS 3-D classroom summative assessments? Participants will learn how to analyze and modify existing assessment items and create new assessments aligned to unpacked performance expectations. This short course will assist participants in using three tools to develop high quality 3-D classroom summative assessments.

  • Tickets: $15
  • Grade Level: All Grade (Not Grade Level Specific)
  • Science & Emphasis: Applicable to All Sciences, Assessment, TOSA/Science Coach
  • Presenters: Nathan Inouye, Science Coordinator, Ventura County Office of Education and Rudy Escobar, Science and Engineering Coordinator, Stanislaus County Office of Education


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